Man Pages


jgmenu_run(1) - For most users, this is the command to use for launching jgmenu. It is designed to work with launchers, panels and keyboard shortcuts.

jgmenu(1) - The de facto manual for jgmenu including all config options.


jgmenututorial(7) - A step-by-step tutorial to move beyond editing a config file and launching with jgmenu_run.

jgmenuunicode(7) - An overview of jgmenu unicode usage.

Core Modules

jgmenu-apps(1) - Simple applications menu.

jgmenu-ob(1) - Openbox menu based on XML file.

Optional Modules

These may not be installed on your system - it depends on what ./configure options the package maintainer provided.

jgmenu-lx(1) - XDG compliant menu based on libmenu-cache from the LXDE project.

jgmenu-pmenu(1) - The original applications menu.

Other Commands

jgmenu-i18n(1) - translation support